City of Coral Gables, EMBRACING AUTISM
         Autism Support Day!

Please click here to watch our video, but be sure to click the "donate" button and help as much as you can."
City of Coral Gables, EMBRACING AUTISM
Coral Gables has been an amazing partner with Crystal Academy in serving the Autism community. Please watch the video."
Ocaquatics Grant
Crystal Academy students get lessons in water safety, and lots of fun, through a generous grant from Ocaquatics Swim School."
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Ronald McDonald House Charities
  An amazing show of support
         for the children served.
Gables Foundation
Mary Snow presented Crystal Academy with two Promethean ActivBoards through a grant by the Coral Gables Community Foundation."
Government Day
Mayor Jim Cason welcomed the middle schooler's for an amazing day at City Hall. All learned and had fun as "Mayor and Council for a day."
Remote Observation
Remote Observation
Crystal Academy offers parents secure access to observe their child from any internet connection. Recorded sessions are available.
Promethean ActivBoard
Interactive Board
The new interactive board is a fun way to learn and share. All the kids love to be at the front of the class showing off for their friends.
Scientific Learning's Fast Forward and Reading ssistant
Fast Forward
Improve reading two grades in as little as three months, boost performance across all areas of study. Fast Forward and Reading Assistant.
Dan Marino WEalkAbout
Dan Marino WalkAbout
Dan Marino honors Crystal Academy for being top fund raiser for the WalkAbout for Autism for the second year in a row.
In the news!
"Coral Gables Now" interviews Crystal Academy CEO David Pike on Autism Intervention and the first ASD center in Coral Gables.
Mary and David Pike host UM-NSU CARD Tropical Nights
Tropical Nights
Mary and David Pike were honored to be asked to host the 2014 Tropical Nights benefiting the UM-NSU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities.
"Taco" the Guinea pig
Crystal Academy welcomes "Taco" the Guinea pig to the cllassroom. We voted on the name Taco but the vote for funniest picture is still open.
Social Play Day
Social Fun Day!
Everyone has a great time on Social Fun Day, especially the staff! With art, recreation, fun learning games, and many more playful, social activities.
Through the Crystal Academy therapy center's broad and successful early intervention therapies for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum and Related Disabilities, and observing the frequent cases of children reaching school age prepared to learn but ill equipped for the pace and environmental stresses of a neuro-typical classroom, we determined that there was a tremendous need for expanding Crystal Academy's services to include comprehensive academic curriculum. In the fall of 2011 the Crystal Academy Primary School (CAPS) began operations. Now we face every day the tremendous challenges associated with delivering all the necessary support these children need at a cost families can shoulder.                Please help as you can.

        To offer the best of services while mitigating the overwhelming costs, CAPS is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Any amount will help and be greatly appreciated.
If you can donate $50, you are buying dramatic play materials for one child for the school year.
If you can give $100, you are buying arts and crafts or toys and games for one child for the school year.
A donation of $200 will buy classroom materials for one child (notebooks, pencils, paper, etc.) or allow one child to go on the 3 educational fieldtrips that we have planned.
Donate $300 now and you are buying complete curriculum materials for one child. We hope to have 6-10 children in the school the first year.
The treatment of Autism is changing constantly. We think it is very important to keep our staff highly trained and certified in the most modern of technique. Taking advantage of even the most cost effective professional development can be very expensive $500 per professional day.
Part of our day is therapy and we need a variety of therapy materials. For instance, Occupational therapy equipment like weighted vests and gym balls, and musical instruments. Speech therapy materials alone can cost up to $1,000 per therapist for a school year.
We need furniture and safety equipment for the classroom which can cost up to $2,500.00 for desks and chairs and cubbies, white boards, chalk boards, water and sand table for sensory play, and book shelves. Our cafeteria (kitchen) needs new tables and benches and other meal preparation materials which can also cost up to $2,500
Technology is essential to modern education, our children will benefit immeasurably by having access to smart boards, iPads and computers and the educational applications to utilize them. Even with the advances in modern technology, kids are still kids and we need to expand our play ground into a state of the art facility to teach physical health and social play skills, and have dramatic play houses (fire station, police stations and grocery stores) to teach daily living skills. Any of these initiatives can easily cost $5,000.
A donation of $17,000 will put one child ready for a shared attention special needs classroom environment through an entire year of school. $25,750 will see a child requiring a one teacher to two student environment through that year of important highly focusesed education. For $37,080 you can support a full school year for the most vulnerable among us, a child who's special needs requires a one teacher to each student learning environment.